The 亚利桑那州澳彩网客户端下载 exists to support union members in Arizona, and we're proud to do so through advocating for changes to antiquated labor laws.

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H.R. 842 passed the United States House on March 9th, 2021, and was transmitted to the United States Senate, where it was referred to the Committee on Health, 教育, 劳动, 和养老金. It has not yet received a Senate hearing.


Reduces the power of unionbusters
根据现行劳动法, during an organizing election employers can require employees to attend daily meetings run by unionbusters to pressure them into dropping support for the union, or suffer consequences including being fired. 职业行为 would ban that practice, known as captive audience meetings, and would require employers to disclose to employees when they hire unionbusting consultants and how much money the employer is spending to stop them from organizing.

职业行为 would allow workers to vote remotely and would allow for organizing elections to take place in neutral environments instead of the employers' premises. It would also speed up the time between a succesful union election and workers ratifying their first contract; currently, nearly half of all newly-formed unions don't result in a contract within a year, because of intransigence and resistence from management.

Requires free riders to chip in
So-called "right to work" laws result in employees covered by union contracts avoiding any financial responsibility to their coworkers and the union the represents them, and it is illegal for a union to treat a free rider any differently from a full member. 职业行为 would end free riders and ensure that everyone who benefits from the collective bargaining agreement supports its upkeep.

Brings justice to workers in the "gig economy" and those who are the victims of loopholes
正如我们所看到的, gig economy workers are among the most exploited workers in America today, and gig economy corporate giants have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to stop state laws from bringing them relief. 职业行为 would define gig economy workers as employees of their employer where it is appropriate, as well as ensuring that workers aren't misclassified and excluded from labor rights.

Authorizes the National 劳动 Relations Board to meaningfully enforse its own rulings
Unlike other federal agencies, the NLRB must wait for the Court of Appeals to enforce a decision that it reaches, resulting in workers who have been wronged waiting for years for relief. 职业行为 would empower the NLRB to enforce its own rulings, as well as authorizing it to levy meaningful penalties on the worst offenders.

With the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act, workers were no longer able to take meaningful economic action against an employer that is exploiting employees in another workplace. 这些行动, such as refusing to handle products of a business accused of harming workers, was a powerful show of solidarity among working people, and because it was so effective it was banned by Congress in 1947 over the veto of President Harry Truman. 职业行为 would lift this ban, allowing workers to show solidarity across economic sectors and legally decline to support bad businesses in the workplace.


Call our United States Senators from Arizona and tell them to cosponsor and vote for the PRO Act:

  • D.C. 办公室:(202)224 - 2235
  • AZ办事处:(602)671-7901

参议员Kyrsten Sinema

  • D.C. 办公室:(202)224 - 4521
  • AZ办事处:(602)598-7327